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Gold Reserve have developed a revolutionary new money creation program - previously used only for Private Real Estate Investors - but it is now being made available more widely to anyone who wishes to invest in property.

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Instead of paying a bank 3 times what you borrow and the IRS 2 times (total around 5 times) to extinguish your debt you just pay a once only total figure of less than 12 percent of the amount of money created for you - AFTER You have made your profit!

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Chinese New Year Gold Demand: Bigger Than Guessed? China's gold demand for coin, bar & jewelry matched only 60% of 2014 supply...

The CHINESE New Year marks the peak period for Chinese households to buy gold, writes Adrian Ash at BullionVault.

Already ahead of the Lunar New Year on February 19, official 'Year of the Goat' gold coins issued by the People's Bank of China are sold out, and reports are spreading of gold-plated fakes being sold to unwary older-aged buyers.


Gold bullion imports to India, the world No.1 consumer nation, could double or more in coming months according to industry leaders after the government ended a ban on "consignment" deals.

Imposed in 2013 to counter record-high inflows spurred by gold's 25% price crash, the ban meant wholesalers had to pay for any new shipment in full in advance.

Wednesday's rule-change also allows the import of gold coins to India, but a restriction on their promotion and sale through commercial banks remains.